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Web Publishing Services

Our two main windows - ZWYX.net and Open Web Lab - are fully dedicated to web publishing & web marketing strategies. Basically, we develop websites, we maintain websites, we assist clients in managing their content, and we optimize the Internet traffic coming to the websites.

Open Web Lab™   |   OWL

Open Web Lab (OWL) covers all the chain of professional website development from visual branding to internet marketing. It is a branding name for a team of web development experts in tight and permanent interaction with key web partners (Google, open source projects) and specialist freelancers (multimedia artists, art directors, graphic designers, multilingual copyrighters).

OWL's specialty is solving unique problems. We start by evaluating your needs and goals, and then we develop creative tools you can use to communicate with and engage your audience.

OWL builds custom-tailored web solutions designed to fit each organization so they get the best possible results. We do not offer pre-made packages designed for organizations of a particular type. All of our clients have unique missions, unique audiences, and unique needs.


ZWYX.net is where we provide individuals and companies with professional web tools to develop and manage their online projects. Most of our clients are professional web designers or advanced users.

• Domain Name Registration

• Professional Web Hosting Solutions

• Innovative Tools for Web Developers

• E-Commerce Secured Environment

• Script Installation & Custom Programming

• Search Engine Traffic Optimization

• Web Marketing & Online Strategies

• Website Consulting & Workflow Analysis


We also cover a good range of off-web publishing services through our partnerships:

Book & Print Publication
(concept, design, print)

CD & DVD Publication
(interface design, video compression)

Film & Video Edition
(film editing or "montage")

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects with us. We will understand your needs and guide you towards the most efficient web or off-web publishing solutions.