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Corporate Information


The ZWYX Network is a group of independent websites dedicated to Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology, Music, Film and Visual Arts.

Our main site - ZWYX.org - is under permanent development. It has English and French content. Presently, it is divided into three sections:

• DIRECTORY - selection of online resources classified by category

• DIFFUSION - showcase of the online and offline ZWYX publications

• SERVICES - presentation of the professional publishing & marketing services we offer


ZWYX™ is a trademark of ZWYX.org Ltd.

ZWYX.org Ltd is a company specialized in digital and particularly web publishing services. Since its first projects in 2000, it has acquired extensive experience in the planning and execution of digital strategies including the development of complex websites (portals) and innovative online marketing and communication solutions.

Our team is comprised of a group of independent multilingual internationally stationed small companies and freelancers: web developers, computer programmers, art directors, graphic designers, sound editors, video editors, multilingual copywriters, translators...

For the ZWYX team, every project is different. We create and optimize the most effective tools, to direct our client the right way to reach his intended audience.

The company is entirely web-based.


ZWYX is a four letter word fabricated from the last letters of the alphabet which are the most alien in latin languages. ZWYX looks like it cannot be pronounced but it can be pronounced very easily.

ZWYX in the French Scrabble