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  • MARS: Martial Arts Resource Site   -
    General information about Martial Arts. Essays, Classic Texts, Interviews, Profiles and Biographies, Research, Terminology, Styles, History of the Martial Arts.
  • The Aikido FAQ   -
    Information about all aspects of Aikido: introduction, history, philosophy, interviews, essays and articles, stories, links.
  • Krav Maga Association -
    Krav Maga is the official self defense technique of the Israeli Defense Forces; it emphasizes simple instinctive movements and realistic training scenarios.
  • Shaolin Gung Fu Institute -
    Information regarding the traditions of the Shaolin order, including Shaolin martial arts (kung fu) and philosophy. It is dedicated to those Shaolin priests that risked their lives to flee a country wracked by civil war so that Shaolin knowledge might survive even if the temples themselves did not.
  • Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences -
    Academic and popular e-journals concerning various aspects of the martial arts.
  • Standford Martial Arts Program -
    The Standford Martial Arts Program (SMAP) is a newly-created collective of the various martial arts groups practicing on the Stanford campus. You can check the Martial Arts Program 2001-2002 Handbook (PDF).
  • A History of the Nunchaku -
    Personal site dedicated to the Nunchaku, a weapon made of 2 sticks linked to each other by a short string.
  • Don Danulf's Academy of Defence -
    Resources for the Study of Dueling and Fencing. "Teaching the Noble Science of Elizabethian Fencing."
  • Kyudo: The Art of Japanese Archery -
    Frequently Asked Questions about Kyudo, the art of Japanese archery.
  • European Medieval Swords -
    The swords of mediaeval Europe.
  • Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp -
    Muay Thai boxing training camp in southern Thailand which accepts foreigners. Site features Muay Thai history and traditions as well as training tips and techniques.

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