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  • The Online Books Page   -
    Collection of free texts. Historical infos about banned books. Includes a very good search system that searches also through the other important online libraries! (easy download)
  • The IPL Books Collection   -
    Formerly known as 'Online Texts', this internet public library is one of the best free online texts collections. It contains over 20,000 titles that can be search for by keywords, or browsed by author, by title... (easy download)
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project   -
    A collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, maps, and articles. Ancien, medieval, and modern resources. Compiled by Prof. Paul Halsall at Fordham University.
  • Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts -
    A fair selection of public domain texts in the areas of American Literature, British Literature, and Western Philosophy. Allows to search the content of the books. Easy downloads. Also provides on-the-fly creation of PDF or ebook files.
  • -
    Public domain texts by author, subject, title. Links to some english dictionnaries and encylopediae.
  • Project Gutenberg -
    "Fine literature digitally re-published." Nice collection of online texts. You can browse the library by authors, title, categories... Many search options by keywords. (easy download)
  • The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) -
    A collection of classical and medieval texts. Includes a few links to other text resources.
  • Read book online -
    Read full books online: Literature, novels, fictions, short stories, poems, essays.
  • The Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) -
    This text collection focuses upon the Hispanic Middle Ages, ca. 500 to 1500, but will eventually expand to include titles from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well.
  • Australian Literary and Historical Texts -
    A collection of Australian literary and historical texts from the time of European exploration and settlement until the early twentieth century. About 200 texts in all, hosted by the University of Sydney.
  • Stories Ville -
    "Online community where you can read and post many interesting short stories of various genres."

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