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  •   -
    Smart chaos.
  • NINE   -
    "New Ideas for a New Era."
  • Don't Blow -
    "The shit you just can't fuck with!"...
  • Loosers Dot Org - Design -
    "They really, really like huge background images and animating GIFs. They don't have any concept of how other peoples' browsers might be configured. They don't realize that some colors don't go with other colors. They're design losers."
  • Dream 7 - Dreambase -
    Webart. Send your dreams...
  • Social Fiction -
    Noise theory, gabber avant-gardism, disco socialism, urban experiments, autonomous spacetravel...
  • Electric Funeral -
    Get a plot in this internet cemetary, by Siebren Versteeg.
  • Titler -
    'Chaotic' web art by Gregory Roman. Website by Murat Bodur.
  • lab404 -
    Personal website. Web art, design, and many links.
  • Kaliber 10000 -
    Web design community.
  • Idleworm -
    Humorous political satire. A collection of flash movies: animations, mini-games, fake ads...
  • Media Basement -
    A collection of six sites by Christopher J. Falveyeach, focusing on a different aesthetic discipline: music, writing, photography, digital, etc.

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